Antonio Albanese

Born in Valdagno on 02/05/1963

Profession: Interiors designer


Marital status: Married with three sons (the whole family practice Aikido)


The meeting with the masters Hirokazu Kobayashi, Giampietro Savegnago, Andre’ Cognard takes place for the first time at the Dam of Valdagno in 1979 during an internship organized by Master Giampietro Savegnago, which he will begin with the practice in 1983.

Aikido becomes intense activity at his side and Albanese follows the workshops held in Europe, in many of which there is also the Master Kobayashi, it shares the philosophy and practice for 15 years (until the death of Kobayashi Hanshi)

together with other students as Cognard, Riondet, Mann, Rohrmann, Gonzato. Meanwhile, he worked for six years intensively with teachers Aldo Gonzato, Giampietro Savegnago Pianezzola Elijah.

In the dojo Caldogno he met Luisa Zaffaina, whom he married in 1993 and is now sixth Dan AIAKR (INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION AIKIDO RYU KOBAYASHI); with her and their sons continue in practice and organization of the association.

Following the master Savegnago in Poland, Germany, Hungary attended, also to explore the vastness of Aikido, internships with other Japanese masters including personalities such as, Tamura, Yamada, Kenjiro Yoshigasaki, Toshiro Tsuga, Kenzo Egami, Kimura, Yabuchi. In the 80s becomes an integral part of the organizational system of internship of Master Kobayashi win their trust so that they will point to the name of Albanese’s Dojo that still exists “WA GO DOJO” or as he would say the Master: “dojo of Family’s harmony “keywords school.

In 1990 he opened the WA GO dojo Cereda, where Antonio begins the work of diffusion of Aikido, since organizing projects world wide, through the dojo meetings (meetings and sharing between different dojo with the aim of supporting projects development in the Third World), internships. Helped found of AIAKR, he teaches and collaborates with the Dojo in Milan, Genoa, Varese, Germany, Hungary, Mexico, Turkey, Morocco, Baku, Arzebaijan, Sint Mataeen, Poland. Friendship very much alive today binds him to the school of the latter country. In March 2010 he was appointed technical director of the national AIAKR the Masters Savegnago and Halm, earning his sixth Dan in Nuremberg in December 2010. Shortly before his death Master Savegnago gives me the VII Dan and I entrusted the original parchment of O’Sensei delivered to Kobayashi and then Savegnago the same as a sign of no surrender.

In 2013 was founded the Aikido Savegnago RYU ASD, in memory and will of the Master Savegnago, unfortunately missed the March 3, 2013; until his death he encouraged us to perpetuate the spread of AIKIDO, especially with childrens.